How to Honor People - Its What We're About

The Need: Honor People in our Lives

How to honor people is a question we all have at various times in our lives. We created To Honor Them to help you HONOR PEOPLE in a guided, easy, and beautiful way! This is really an incredible experience- to recapture special memories and honor people who have made a difference in our lives. Express thanks, give love, and share a memory while sharing an honor story that is meaningful and beautiful. Honor your father, honor your mother, honor your grandmother, honor your grandfather, honor a teacher, honor a coach, honor a best friend, honor a boss, or honor someone who made a difference in your life. Honor people and create an honor story they will never forget in just a few special minutes!

The Answer

TO HONOR THEM™ enables anyone, for free, to easily and meaningfully express love, appreciation, and honor in an easy, sharable, and permanent way through the creation of an Honor Story on Your honoree will receive an email inviting them to visit the site to view their honors- and every honor story is unique and beautiful. Each honoree will have a permanent Honor Album™ which anyone can post honors to throughout their life.

The Call

TO HONOR THEM™ will bring relationships together, families together, and bring out into the open love, appreciation, and honor that should not be left unspoken and unshared. The site will provide rich and meaningful stories to the world inspiring people both now and in the future. The site will heal relationships, restore marriages, build bridges, and inspire hope for people on a worldwide basis. There are important things needing to be said in life that are never said. There are important memories needing a way of being shared and preserved. There are heroic people who need to be honored. There are exhausted mothers who need to be thanked. There are wives who need to know how much they mean to their husbands. There are underpaid teachers needing to be praised. There are special coaches changing lives needing to be told they are making a difference. There are military veterans who need to be saluted. There are sons and daughters needing to be told someone is proud of them... and YOUR stories will go on and on. What is your honor story?

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News and Press Valentines Day Contest: Love my wife / Love my husband

February 10, 2012

For immediate release: is launching a contest today entitled: Love my wife / Love my husband. The next 10 sincere and quality honors sent through for a husband or wife enter a drawing to win a $50 e-gift card usable immediately! This fun contest will help you share love, appreciation, and honor with your spouse in a meaningful and lasting way! If you have wondered how to honor your spouse- try this and you'll win smiles and tears- and maybe win a $50 e-gift card you can use right away.

Get started honoring them with our easy 3-step honor designer right now, only the first 10 will be in the drawing:

Winner to be announced on February 14th!

Good luck- or should we say "Good love"!

The ToHonorThem family. launching Saturday September 11th

September 7, 2010

September 11th, 2010 - Grapevine, Texas

In-development for almost 3 years, new social media Website will launch Saturday September 11th. enables anyone to easily and meaningfully share love, appreciation, and honor with all the important people in their lives. The beautiful and easy to use site is free allowing anyone to thank and remember people who made an impact on their life.

There are important things needing to be said in life that are never said. is a guided way to permanently share stories, images, and words of thanks with mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, teachers, coaches, military, police and firefighters or with someone who may not realize what a hero they are to us all.

With people can honor someone one-to-one or get together as a group and honor someone. In the easy 3-step process an honor-sender is given helpful guiding questions and gets to choose up to 12 “Admirable Qualities” about their honoree. Users have the ability to carbon copy friends, family, or co-workers on honors they are sending and honors can be made public or private. Every user receives a personalized Honor Album displaying all honors sent or received. visitors enjoy the best and most inspiring stories on the Web – stories that touch the soul, set an example for us all, and inspire hope both now and for the future.

Many people have been inspired by the background story of how the site started which can be found at: .

Media inquiries are welcomed and can be directed to: or 817-991-6828.