Honor Stories

Mark James

Madison, AL - December 14, 2014

Was Honored by his soul mate Bridgette Holder

Mark's Admirable Qualities

Bridgette Holder said Mark is:
Fearless, Heroic, Inspiring, Intelligent, Eloquent, Visionary, Creative, Loving, Romantic, Handsome, Unstoppable, Pure

Mark James's Honor Story

This man has changed the very world I've been a part of for twenty years in a matter of one. If I'd never met him, my life would have been grossly incomplete and unfulfilled -- essentially an anemic, deficient life. He was in a dark place that he nurtured to grow into a divine, endless garden of hope and happiness and dreams. He courageously wears his scars and his past like military badges. I question what I've done to deserve him, and what the world has done to deserve him. What have we done to deserve him? He makes others feel as though they are the brightest stars in the galaxy, yet he's utterly blind to the greatness that he, himself, is. Mark is that person that you look at with such wonder and admiration. You crave his very presence and deny even the slightest syllable of slander. He's the most beautiful soul. And though I'm agnostic, I sometimes believe a deity put him on Earth around the exact era I was put here because he's something so magical. I love you Mark James. And a life without you is not one at all. And a world without... Why breathe?