Honor Stories

Debbi Williams

Fort Worth, TX - June 2, 2014

Was Honored by her Sister-in-law Stacey Aucoin

Debbi's Admirable Qualities

Stacey Aucoin said Debbi is:
Courageous, Inspiring, Motherly, Patient, Practical, Wise, a Good Listener, Devoted, Funny, Indestructible, Tireless, Godly

Debbi Williams's Honor Story

Christ has given you a heart as big as Texas. You give of your time and your talent to care for your grandchildren with a love that comes from your Christian servants heart. You are a blessing to your grandsons not just because you feed them, bath them, play with them, sing them to sleep, comfort them when they are sick, teach them the Love of Jesus and love them beyond belief... but because YOU chose to do these things. I admire you, I honor you, I love you, I respect you. Thank you for your superhero heart.

How Debbi made a difference in my life

Debbi, you have listened to my heart and I have heard yours. I am so thankful to God to have you as a sister.

How Debbi has inspired me

You are helping these grandsons to have a heart for Christ. You love my brother and you are truly a treasure. The two of you inspire, care for, and encourage so many people in your lives.