Honor Stories

Michael Spina

Niles, IL - October 12, 2013

Was Honored by his Friend Diane Richter

Michael's Admirable Qualities

Diane Richter said Michael is:
Courageous, Fatherly, Strong, Knowledgeable, Educated, Mature, Friendly, Funny, Independent, Handsome, Patriotic, Family-Oriented

Reason or occasion Diane honored Michael

To let him know he is appreciated.

Michael Spina's Honor Story

This is to honor you for being the Firefighter and Paramedic you were. For all the lives you saved and for those you tried to save. For the babies you helped bring into the world and for a doing a job that most of us are not able to do. For raising three sons by yourself with the help of your family and friends, for being a good son and brother to your family, and for just being yourself.

How Michael made a difference in my life

By being a good friend and he knows how to make you laugh and feel good.

A special memory I have about Michael

Michael watching his son Michael getting married. It was a proud moment in his life to see one of his sons marry.

How Michael has inspired me

His Strength.


Michael you are a very special person and you deserve his honor. I wanted you o know you mean the world to me and all that you know you. God bless you and your family. Diane