Joseph Gomes


Joseph Gomes

DFW, TX - February 19, 2011

Was Honored by his Mother Maranda Gomes

Joseph's Admirable Qualities

Maranda Gomes said Joseph is:
Courageous, Inspiring, Persevering, Intelligent, Compassionate, Friendly, Loving, Handsome, Tenacious, Innocent

Reason or occasion Maranda honored Joseph

Simply because he is worthy

Joseph Gomes's Honor Story

Joseph joined our family through adoption just a few months ago. He is seven years old and will probably never read this due to a pervasive developmental disability, but his story is worthy of honor and the world deserves to hear it. In the few short months we have been Joseph's parents, my husband and I have been continually amazed at his strength, resiliency, and courage. Though he has suffered severe physical abuse and neglect, and has been bounced from one foster home to another in the years of his short life, Joseph still has the courage and ability to love and be loved, the determination to reach beyond the boundaries set for him by psychologists and therapists, and the strength to smile and laugh at each new day. He is compassionate, perceptive, intelligent and full of life. There are people in life who, against insurmountable odds, manage to grab hold of life and live it to its full potential. Joseph is one of those people and is deserving of honor.


What a beautifully written honor! Yes, he's certainly due honor! And so are you, Mama! :) Bless you both!

Maranda, what a wonderful honor for your amazing son. At we have a very special place in our hearts for adoption and we are just amazed and blessed at your honor. God bless you and your family.