Kevin Mabry


Kevin Mabry

Fort Worth, TX - September 27, 2010

Was Honored by his sister Kelly Mastin

Kevin's Admirable Qualities

Kelly Mastin said Kevin is:
a Leader, Trustworthy, Wise, Clever, Confident, Dependable, Dedicated, Honest

Reason or occasion Kelly honored Kevin

Birthday September 27, 2010

Kevin Mabry's Honor Story

Kevin, you are an honorable man, a wise father, and a fun friend. I have loved watching God mold you and make you over the years.

You are a man of honor. The reason why people follow you and migrate to you is because of your wisdom and direction. People know that you are a man who is striving to follow God and to hear his voice.

Your wisdom is great, and God is blessing and protecting your family because of it. Your family is such a picture of loyalty and love. Your shepherding heart has grown while raising your children. I love to see how God has protected your relationships with them. I know your prayers for your children are many and sincere. And I know that God answers them!

You are also a fun friend -- that's the other reason people are attracted to you. You know how to have fun. It's the joy and the freedom of the Lord, for sure.

You are an all-around great person. I am so glad that I have you to look up to.

Happy birthday, Kevin! I love you!


Our sister is far more articulate than I am, so I'll just say AMEN and AMEN! Happy birthday, Kevin.