Rey Latham

Rey Latham

Rowlett, TX - September 29, 2010

Was Honored by his Wife Jewel Latham

Rey's Admirable Qualities

Jewel Latham said Rey is:
a Leader, Fatherly, Inspiring, Eloquent, Insightful, Self-Disciplined, Compassionate, Devoted, Funny, Dedicated, Family-Oriented, Humble

Reason or occasion Jewel honored Rey

We're honoring Rey because it's the least I could do for him for everything he's done for everyone else.

Rey Latham's Honor Story

I wanted to honor you for being an amazing friend, husband and father. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty with each hat you wear and continue to do so. You've been a great example by showing your friends, family and employees, what the true meaning of hardwork is. We continue to learn each day how much of a balancing act "Life" really is and you've done a fantastic job with it. You continue to excel in what you do best, "design", although, work has it's days and can affect you emotionally, mentally and physically, you also continue to excel in keeping up with the demands of being a great Father, which includes waking up in the wee hours of the night to prepare a bottle for your son, playing with Jace while deadlines are due to make sure you get that "Father & Son" time in, changing diapers and making airplane sounds during Jace's meal times. We are so blessed to have you in our lives and we can't "honor" you enough. Thank you for being an amazing role model to us all. We love you so much.

How Rey has inspired me

Rey is inspiring to me because he has the most dedicated work ethic than anyone I know. I sometimes envy the extra time that he is voluntarily willing to put into his work and projects, yet I know that's what makes him the great person he is today. He also has the most calm manner about him. No matter how difficult and intense a situation can be, he is always calm, respectful and patient. Rey is also very forgiving, which is a quality of his I continue to be in awe of.