Ryan Gibbons

Ryan Gibbons

Arlington, TX - September 22, 2010

Was Honored by his wife Amy Gibbons

Ryan's Admirable Qualities

Amy Gibbons said Ryan is:
a Leader, a Teacher, Generous, Committed, Loyal

Reason or occasion Amy honored Ryan


Ryan Gibbons's Honor Story

Happy Birthday to my amazing husband! You are always giving wonderful gifts to others including material gifts as well as your time and loyalty. It is always difficult to decide what to get for your birthday...my attempts at a gift pale in comparison to yours, so today I honor you with words!

In your 41 years God has used you in so many ways to bless so many people. He has used you to bless, challenge, and encourage. He has used your generosity to provide for some who needed. He has used your hospitality to provide a haven for those who need a safe place. He has used your silliness to bring laughter. He has used your leadership to form community. He has used you to force us out of our comfort zones into a more challenging but fulfilling relationship with HIM. I look forward to watching God continue to work through you! Hope this birthday is joyful! I love you!!