Tracy Bagley

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Tracy Bagley

Springtown, TX - January 30, 2012

Was Honored by her friend Stacey Aucoin

Tracy's Admirable Qualities

Stacey Aucoin said Tracy is:
a Leader, Inspiring, Persevering, Insightful, Patient, Confident, Encouraging, Energetic, Beautiful, Driven, Tenacious

Reason or occasion Stacey honored Tracy

Celebrating the life of Tracy Bagley - Born February 8, 1968 - died July 23, 1984.

Tracy Bagley's Honor Story

My dear sweet friend, I have thought of you so many times. I see that your birthday is coming up on February 8th. Your passion for dance, friends and enjoying life shined on your face. You will forever be Sweet 16. So many possibilities before you and yet you were taken from us by the selfishness of another.

How Tracy made a difference in my life

Tracy touched every person she ever met with her smile and her passion for life.

A special memory I have about Tracy

Tracy and I grew up enjoying Camp Fire Girls with many camping trips and fun. We sang silly songs together and took a watermelon to the zoo once - dressed as a baby in a stroller. We played clarinet together until our 8th grade year. And in the 9th grade you left the band behind and joined the drill team. You sparkled with joy and passion out on the football field once you joined the drill team. You and I were always the runts in school, but you didn't let that stop you from kicking high and reaching your dream of becoming a captain on the team that you loved so much.

How Tracy has inspired me

Tracy's absolute love for every single one of her friends was inspiring! She bubbled with excitement at being on the field with the drill team. She loved fassion and dance.